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The "Parenting Your Student Athlete" Video

This video was produced by CAAD along with financial support from the Connecticut Interscholastic Athletic Conference and the Connecticut High School Coaches Association.  This professionally done video was developed to assist schools with the ever increasing problems created by the parents of athletes. It is 14 minutes long and has a series of vignettes which makes it perfect for your pre-season parent meetings.  It will identify some unpleasant parent personalities as well as highlight some strategies parents can employ to enhance their child’s athletic experience.  It is an outstanding video and is narrated by Suzy Kolber and Mike Golic from ESPN calling attention to 3 major themes.

1.      Support your child AND their “entire” athletic program.

2.      Make your child’s sport fun for them, not stressful.

3.      Keep your child’s sports experience in perspective and see how you and they fit into the big picture.

Although the video is copyrighted we are providing an opportunity to view it electronically and allow athletic directors and coaches at all levels to use it provided it is not reproduced in any way for profit. For better quality and convenience DVDs may be purchased for $15 each to cover production and shipping costs.

Purchase Video by clicking here

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